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Tahfeez ul Quran

Jamia Arifia offers a special course “Tahfeez-ul-Quran” (memorization of the Holy Quran) run under the supervision of skilled teachers who take individual care of every student and have an eagle eye on them. Hifz-ul-Quran contests are also organized to encourage them and to check the excellence of their memorization.

Tahfiz-ul-Quran Department has been active since its inception and has been playing a very important role in the field of Tahfeez-ul- Quran. It has produced a large number of Huffaaz (Individuals who have memorized the Holy Quran completely) for Muslim community. Right now a large number of students belonging to different states are continuing Tahfeezul Quran course here along with primary Islamic and modern education.

To apply for this program child should know reading Quranic scripts correctly.