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Students Union

Jamiyat-al-Talaba is a student's organization o Jamia Arifia . It was formed in 2007, to hold educational activities like organizing Gazali Day celebrations which was started in the same year. But keeping the growing numbers of students and emerging needs in mind, it was reorganized and rejuvenated in 2014 and its responsibilities towards students and Jamia were expanded.

Works and services of Jamiyat:

Since the day of reorganization Jamiyat has been carrying following activities:

    • Holding Gazali Day Celebration. This program was named after Imam Al- Ghazali to get inspiration from his intellectual and spiritual combination which is sorely need in modern age for our generation to move forward and work for Islam the religion of peace and love. It is commemorated on 21st of Rabiul Aakhir to have blessings of the two great personalities of Islam Hazrat Mahboob e Subhaani Shaikh Abdul Quadir Jilani and Mahnoob e Ilahi Hazrat Nizamuddin Quaddasallh o Asrarahuma. On this occasion numerous activities like competitions of multi lingual speech and essay writing, memorization of the Holy Qur'an and Hadith, and general knowledge, are held, followed by a special extensive lecture by a prominent scholar and prize distribution session.
    • Financial assistance to students.
    • Provision of medical facilities in emergency.
    • Caring and hosting guests visiting Jamia/ Khanqah.
    • Subscription of Urdu,English and Hindi newspapers for students.
    • Holding weekly Bazms ( training sessions of speech).
    • Sending students team in the area with necessary expenses for social and religious awareness among the community.
    • Maintenance of Jamia/ Khanqah premises, bathrooms & toilets.
    • Taking care of assets and belongings of Jamia/ Khanqah.
    • Meeting visitors of Jamia/ Khanqah with love , humbleness and smiling face and obtaining their details & purpose of visit.
    • Provision of Mini Bank for the students.
    • Making contacts with alumni of Jamia Arifia.