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Jamia Arifia is a modern Islamic educational institute. It aims to fill up the gap between spirituality and intellectuality, orthodoxy and modernity, divine love and world affairs, Madrasa [educational institute] and Khanqah [spiritual center]. Sheikh Abu Saeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safawi, the Great Sufi, Preacher and Peace Maker of the current era, put the foundation of this institute in 1993. It is located in the village of Saiyed Sarawn under the district of Kaushambi, 23 km away from Allahabad. This institute runs under “Khanqah-e-Arifia Welfare Society” of “Shah Safi Memorial Trust” which is known for its social, cultural and educational works in India. High qualified teachers are educating the students with religious & social sciences & preparing them for the Dawah of Islam with spiritual training, moral values & sufi spirit. It is not only an educational institute; it is a voice of renaissance of peaceful sufi mission according to time.

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Daiye Islam Shaikh Abu Saeed implants Iman into hearts by his unique spiritual training, thus students of Jamia Arifia have special opportunity of learning from their respective teachers as well as of being benefited by the spiritual and moral training of this Sufi master. Jamia Arifia is the.....

Dr. Ibrahim Salah Alhudhud Ex-President of Al-azhar University, Egypt

Visiting Jamia Arifia was a pleasant experience for me. In golden age of Muslim Ummah Madrasa was not separated from khanqah, rather Khanqah in that era, used to be a centre of education and spiritual training. Here, in Khanqah e Arifia I saw that beautiful combination of education and spiritual .....

Prof Akhtarul Wasey Vice chancellor of Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur, India

I was delighted to see Jamia Arifia which is a beautiful combination of knowledge and practice. May Allah the Almighty bless this Jamia with glory and treasures of faith and spirituality.....

Bahrul Uloom Mufti Abdul Mannan Azmi Shaikhul Hadees Shamshul Uloom, Ghosi, Mau, U.P. India

Jamia teachers and students are very genial and religious devotion amongst students is the result of hard work and effort of their dedicated teachers joined with blessings of Jamia founder and patron of Khanqah Arifia Daiye Islam Sheikh Abu Saeed. May Allah bless Jamia Arifia with progress by l.....

Mufti Muzaffar Hussain Quadri Former Mufti Jamiatur Raza, Mathurapur, Baraily

Most of the teachers of Jamia Arifia situated in Khanqah e Arifia campus are Misbahi and Rizvi. Ma sha Allah all of them are talented and devotees of Daiy e Islam Shaikh Abu Saeed. Students here, are cultured, well mannered, decent , always respectful to others and very attentive to five time p.....

Hazrat Mufti Mutiur Rahman Razvi Purnia, Bihar