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Rules and Regulations

  • All students must attend the morning prayer. Class time must comply with uniform.
  • To be present in the Masjid before Maghreb Call in particular and in every prayer with congregation in general, is mandatory.
  • Using mobile phones during class hours and keeping multimedia mobile is strictly forbidden, in case of being found guilty disciplinary actions will be taken, mobile will be seized and it would not be returned to the student before the end of the academic session.
  • On being found involved in any moral crime, such as theft, loose character etc. the student will be expelled and the complaints of being involved in fight or speaking with inappropriate manner with khuddams of Khanqah e Arifia also may invite his expulsion from Jamia.
  • Eating Tobbacu, Gutkha, Pan and use any intoxicating stuff is punishable, on being caught, the student will be expelled from Jamia.
  • In case of being found guilty of acting against the interest of Jamia, the student may be expelled without explanation.
  • Taking any library book out without permission of librarian and inscription in issue register is a punishable offence.
  • In case of missing library book the student must have to pay 50 rupees more than the required value.
  • A copy of written application for leave must be submitted to the class teacher and second copy to the leave in charge.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken on unauthorized exit from Jamia. On continued absence from class for more than 15 days without prior leave or information, the student will be expelled from Jamia.
  • 75% attendance in every class is necessary, otherwise student will not be allowed to participate in the exam.
  • Each student is required to keep all of the necessary stuffs for his use.
  • Any unauthorized use of other's stuff will lead to disciplinary action against the guilty.
  • The Student will be permitted to go out for buying necessary stuffs only after class hours on Thursday and before Juma prayers on Friday.
  • To fill the forms of any examination board out of Jamia, prior approval is required, otherwise Jamia will not grant leave to the student for appearance in the exam.
  • Hair size must be less than hand grip.

Jamia rules and regulations can be changed at any time.


  • To apply for the Hifz Program candidate should know reading Quranic scripts correctly.
  • For Molviyat course only those students are eligible who have passed class 5th.
  • Likewise students having Maulviat and Alimiyat or equivalent certificate are eligible to get admission in Alimiat and Fazilat respectively.
  • Admission seekers in Advanced Diploma are required to hold Fazilat or equal degree from any standard Madarsa/ Islamic institute. Firstly they have to clear admission test followed by an interview, and then on the basis of obtained marks in both the test and interview candidates will be selected for admission to this course. This course consists four semesters. At the end of every successful academic year a mark sheet is issued and a final collective mark sheet is issued when the students passes the final examination. Six meritorious students of this course are sponsored with a monthly fellowship of Rs.1000/- Their academic progress will be reviewed over the period and on the basis of satisfactory academic report their fellowship will be renewed. Their fellowship will be cancelled if it was found unsatisfactory.

How to apply?

Admission aspirants firstly have to purchase a prospectus of Rs.100/- carrying application form for entrance test and admission from the office of Jamia Arifia. After studying the prospectus thoroughly they will have to fill all the asking details in the Entrance Form correctly and neatly and submit it to the office of Jamia Arifia within the prescribed date . All the candidates aspiring for admission in any program of study offered by Jamia Arifia are required to appear in the Entrance Test with their hall tickets in accordance with the schedule. Only those students who possess a valid hall ticket shall be permitted to sit in the entrance test followed by an interview. Candidates may collect their hall ticket personally while submitting the application form. To reissue the hall ticket, in case of emergency, the candidate may contact to the office along with two recent passport size self attested color photographs at least three hours before the Entrance Test.

Entrance Result:

Entrance results will be declared within two,three days after the entrance exam. List of selected candidates for all programs will be displayed on the Notice Board and on the website of Jamia Arifia. To know entrance result office of Jamia may be contacted on the given numbers also. All the selected candidates have to enroll themselves within three days of result declaration.

Rules relating to Admission:

  • No intimation to the selected candidates will be sent by post.
  • If a candidate fails to complete admission formalities by the prescribed date and time, he will automatically forfeit his admission.
  • Admission of the candidate may be cancelled at any time if any information, furnished by the candidate at the time of admission is found to be ncorrect.
  • The admission of a candidate will not be regarded as completed unless he has an Admit Card issued by Jamia Arifia.
  • No candidate, studying in any regular full time program at Jamia will be allowed to sit in the entrance test for any other regular course

Admission Procedure:

Selected candidates have to report in the Office on the given date and time after filling all the required information in Admission Form and Identity Card neatly and correctly with required documents along with Fee Receipt and Assumption Form carrying signature or thumb impression of father or guardian.

Fee Structure

New Student
New Students
  • Admission Fee 1000
  • Library Fee 300
  • Magazine Fee 200
  • Identity Card Fee 100
  • Total 1600
Old Student
Old Students
  • Admission Fee 1000
  • Library Fee 300
  • Magazine Fee 200
  • Identity Card Fee 100
  • Total 1600

A sum of 700 monthly mess fee is compulsory for every student. At the time of admission no concession application will be entertained, and all the students must have to pay two months mess fee in advance. Students not affording to pay monthly mess fee may submit their application to the office of Jamia for concession after the admissions are completed. Concerning authorities will look into the case and and after making inquiries they will grant concession to deserving students.

New Admission

Admission Schedule for the Academic Session 2017-18

Da’wa & Fazilat (1st Year)

  • Last Date for submission of Application forms: 11 July 2017
  • Date of Test: 12 July 2017 from 09am to 12am
  • Date of Interview: 12 July 2017 from 02pm to evening
  • Display of List of Selected Candidates:13 July 2017
  • Last date of completing Admission formalities: 16 July 2017

Maulviyat (Edadiya & Ula)

  • Last Date for submission of Application forms: 05 July 2017
  • Date of Test: 06 July 2017 09am to 12pm
  • Display of List of Candidates for Interview: 07 July 2017
  • Date of Interview: 08 July 2017
  • Display of List of Selected Candidates: 09 July 2017
  • Last date of completing Admission formalities: 12 July 2017

Application for Entrance Exam 2018-19

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Last date of completing Admission formalities: 28 June 2018