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Daiye Islam Sheikh Abu Saeed

Message of Shaikhul Jamia

Every thing we do and every effort we put forward for the sake of Allah and for propagation and establishment of his religion, is a work that is part of our religion, we are living in an age of achieving academic excellence and intellectual superiority, today's human being, on the basis of his research, analysis and investigations is trying to guide his heart and mind to the right path. So it is necessary that we and our modern generation have direct access to the primary and original sources of the Islam which we are engaged in by education and preaching. Teachers before teaching students, also must have a deep study of every science,its principals instructions formulated by the experts and then deliver their lectures imbued with satisfactory traditional and intellectual arguments in front of students. The students in path of learning must comply with principles of research and and analysis and must not confine themselves to the boundary of their course book, instead raising their academic status they must have direct reach to books of the experts, and must adopt research based approach towards every branch of knowledge they study and must examine every information on the basis of traditional and rational standard.This approach will enable them to perform the services of spreading Islamic sciences in modern age with all the beauty and perfection.

Allama Imaran Habibi

Principle’s Message

Dear students! Human being does not become scholar from womb of the mother. Instead, it is consistent hard work , prolonged struggle and devotion in the way of learning which make scholars and experts. Religious Knowledge is the basis of all good things and without religious knowledge a person's life and all his prayers are incomplete, as through knowledge we come to know our lord and creator, we invoke purpose of our creation and lead a dignified life with endured praise in the world. Obtaining blessing of both world and propagation of Islam is our life time goal which can be achieved only through acquiring knowledge. The Knowledge which creates a sense of humility and repentance, really helps to attain Allah's Knowledge. Greater knowledge makes man greater in humbleness and morality. A good scholar and a devout cleric is a role model for the society and future generations , and a saviour of his people from the torment of Duniya and Akhirah. Dear students! You are here to be future ideals, so spend your time in learning with dedication and hard work and try to be a source of salvation from hellfire for your parents, well wishers and a bounty for whole world. it is only possible when we get education for the sake of Allah and act accordingly for the pleasure of Allah his beloved prophet.


Daiye Islam Sheikh Abu Saeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safwi present Sajjada Nasheen (Successor), spiritual master and caretaker of Khanqah e Arifai, founded in 1993 (AD) a modern Islamic educational institute named Al- Jamia al- Arifia, Safiyyatul Uloom, in order to impart teachings of Shariat and Tariqat, Islamic laws and spiritual values, and to produce a generation of scholars cum spirituals. The name of Jamia was later in 2004 shortened and called Jamia Arifia. It is continuing its academic journey under the surveillance of Khanqah e Arifia welfare society a sub organization of Shah Safi Memorial Trust. Within a very short span of time Jamia got name and fame due to its high academic standards and preaching works in the country and abroad . Currently it is with its two dozen branches discharging quality education using modern educational method to hundreds of students along with lodging fooding and spiritual development. Teaching staff of this institute is modern, active, vibrant, devoted to the goal and well equipped with expertise in the subject. With all these virtues and features Jamia Arifia is exploring new horizons, achieving milestones and marching towards glory in the field of education and spiritualit.

Our Mission & Vision

Jamia Arifia aims at producing scholars who, in this era of consumerism, materialism, communalism, violence, intolerance and deviations in beliefs and practices, combine themselves with practical religious life and call for the same with love, wisdom and good words.

At preparing a generation of Foqaha who have side by side good taste of Hadith and Tsawwuf.

At nurturing Sufi scholars and Sufi people who have in-depth knowledge of Fiqh and Ilm al kalam too.

At making a team of scholars who fill the gap between spirituality and intellectually, orthodoxy and modernity.

At developing a group of Ulama who alongside expertise in Arabic language and Islamic studies, may speak English language fluently.

At making a team of scholars who fill the gap between spirituality and intellectually, orthodoxy and modernity.

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